A quiet environment is a basic human need. However, we are often exposed to a lot of background noise from morning to evening, from the
ringing of the alarm clock to the hum of conversation in open-plan offices. In the workplace, the quality of room acoustics is cited as one of the
most important factors for employee well-being. Studies show that the acoustics of a room have a significant impact on productivity and mental
health. Therefore, our goal is to create noise absorbing spaces where people feel comfortable.
For this purpose, we are able to produce all of our lighting products with acoustic properties. Our acoustic lighting products provide optimum
lighting conditions and a balanced acoustic environment concentration, encouraging social interaction and creating a multi-faceted sense of


Akustik Panel Renkleri

Our acoustic elements are made of a specially produced material. This material combines three advantages. It is naturally stable, acoustically
highly effective and has a visually and tactilely pleasant surface. In addition, we can offer maximum safety with special flame retardant acoustic
solutions for public spaces.