In all the products we produce, we do not use any element that harms human and natural health. We always keep the quality standards of all materials used in our products at the highest level. We try to use local products in all of our products.

We aim to be Turkey’s leading company in SONLED led panel and similar lighting products and services. We are aware that our designs are the products that best meet the needs of the consumer.

The share of SONLED management values ​​and principles has been huge. The biggest contribution of this growth and progress is our employees, which we describe as the SONLED family.

  • We monitor the results of all the experiences we have made in Occupational Safety, Natural Life and Environmental Awareness, Quality Management activities, and we strive to continuously improve their development.
  • We enable our employees to meet customer needs with high efficiency in the products they produce.
  • We work with suppliers that produce the latest and high quality products.
  • We always strive to maintain the trust of our customers.
  • We continuously improve our current system for personnel health and safety. We comply with all legal requirements regarding our ENVIRONMENT and OHS dimensions.
  • We strive to minimize the negative ENVIRONMENTAL effects of the products we produce, to prevent environmental pollution and to use our natural resources efficiently.
  • We state that our personnel should carry out their activities with the principle of ZERO OCCUPATIONAL ACCIDENTS, and we provide trainings and seminars deemed necessary. We take the necessary measures to provide a SAFE working environment as far as practicable.


The desire for enlightenment began on the first day when humanity took fire under control. After the development process that started with the torch, it was replaced by oil lamps. Along with the invention of electricity, the invention of the Thomas Edison light bulb took an important place in the development process of this subject. In 1962, the first diode light was discovered.

Light- Emitting Diode, we briefly included it in our lives as LED. Today, LEDs have started to be used in almost every area of our daily life.

Their flexible structure and ability to easily enter the desired form were enough to make them indispensable for the industry. In addition to these, the fact that it is energy efficient has allowed the LED to be another reason for preference.

As SONLED, we started our R&D studies in the early 2000s by evaluating our experience and principles in this regard.

We have considered people’s needs down to the smallest detail. We have shaped our designs and presented them to people’s taste. We followed the developments closely and started to do this job in the best way.

We develop by being inspired by your demands and as a brand that exports to many countries of the world today, we continue to produce the most modern designs with the most technological products without compromising our principles.