–  The role the internet of things (IoT) plays in lighting,

 –  The power of the internet that has entered our lives (PoE),

 –  Subsequent visible light communication (VLC / Li-Fi),

 –  With Lighting Control Systems (such as DALI, DALI2, DMK512, KNX, LONWORKS, Bluetooth MESH)

combined, the ways of human-oriented lighting were opened.

The circadian rhythm is simply defined as the biological clock of the organism. It refers to the regular functioning of body functions. For the health of our body, the light must be in its natural cycle. Intelligent lighting systems help our biological rhythm to continue in its normal course in accordance with the natural cycle of light.

Intelligent lighting systems should also be given more importance due to the decrease in exhaustible energy resources and the increase in their costs. Economical and environmentally friendly, Smart Lighting Systems will develop rapidly to serve humanity.

Color effect of sunlight on Earth in the Circadian System