Chassis: Anodized and/or steel sheet body with electrostatic powder coated
Engraved by galvo-laser acrylic (PMMA)
LED & Driver: Samsung, Osram, Tridonic, Philips, MeanWell, Eaglerise vb.
Option: Intelligent systems (DALI-DIM) and emergency kits

Chasis Colors

Light Colors

Galvo Laser Engraving Designs


MODERN CHANDELIERS are preferred solutions in many architectural applications due to their flexibility, excellent performance, aesthetic appeal and being usable in almost any space. Pendant, wall aplique, floor lamp and table lamp versions are frequently used by lighting designers in projects due to their aesthetic appearance and ease of application. The fact that they can be produced in different numbers and forms allows lighting designers to create unique designs in the field of application. High efficiency LEDs and special galvo-laser scanning effects on acrylic add dynamism and style to the light. The use of light colors in different temperatures from warm white to cool white, and the creation of atmospheres suitable for the biological rhythm of a person with lighting controls such as DALI and DIM are just a few of the options that make MODERN ACRYLIC CHANDELIERS preferred.

Lümen değerleri 4000K ve mikroprizmatik difüzör için verilmiştir.

Teknik değerler, LED ve ekipmanların gelişimine bağlı olarak değişebilir.

Sıva altı modeller için tavan kesme ölçüsü ürün çapından 25mm düşük olmalıdır.