Chassis: Aluminium profile and steel sheet body with powder coated
Diffuser: PS/PMMA/PC Opal,prismatic and Microprismatic diffuser
LED & Driver: Samsung, Osram, Tridonic, Philips, MeanWell, Eaglerise vb.
Option: Intelligent systems (DALI-DIM) and emergency kits

Chasis Colors


Light Colors

Light Beam


DECO BACK LIGHTS lighting fixtures are highly efficient solutions that fully adapt to the geometry of the application area and create an atmosphere in the space they are in. Surface mounted, recessed mounted, pendant mounting options, aluminum and acrylic body options are preferred by lighting designers due to their ease of project implementation. The fact that they can be produced in different diameters and different profile heights enables lighting designers to create designs that fully adapt to the application area. With its high efficiency LEDs, point reflectors and different diffuser alternatives, it offers multi-option options in producing comfortable and need-oriented lights.  The use of light colors in different temperatures from warm white to cool white, adjustable white and RGBW color applications, direct/indirect lighting option, lighting controls such as DALI and DIM, creating atmospheres in a place that comply with the biological rhythm of the person are important features in choosing DECO BACK LIGHTS products.

Technical Information

Çap (Ø) Diameter (Ø) mm Güç Power (W) Işık Gücü Lumen (lm) Verimlilik Efficiency (lm/W) Işık Rengi Color (K) Giriş Gerilimi Input Voltage Renk Aralığı SDCM CRI CRI (Ra) 
4003236801152700K-6500K220-240VACMacAdam 3>80
6005057501152700K-6500K220-240VACMacAdam 3>80
9007586251152700K-6500K220-240VACMacAdam 3>80
1200100115001152700K-6500K220-240VACMacAdam 3>80
1500125143751152700K-6500K220-240VACMacAdam 3>80
2000165189751152700K-6500K220-240VACMacAdam 3>80

Lumen values are given for 4000K and microprismatic diffuser.

Technical values may change depending on the development of LED and equipment. 

For recessed models, the ceiling cutting dimension should be 25mm less than the product diemeter.

Lümen değerleri 4000K ve mikroprizmatik difüzör için verilmiştir.

Teknik değerler, LED ve ekipmanların gelişimine bağlı olarak değişebilir.

Sıva altı modeller için tavan kesme ölçüsü ürün çapından 25mm düşük olmalıdır.

Technical Drawings & Dimensions

ring teknik